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Developing conscious and connected individuals

Our Mission

From consultancy to coaching Neebees helps business leaders to lead the change and find the best route toward an organic growth that combines human wellbeing and profit. We care about people and we create the environment allowing our clients to be themselves in a space where there is no judgement so together we can unlock the potential of leaders and future ones. Our passion is developing great professionals, in Western Economies as well as Emerging Markets, with a big heart and excellent leadership skills. Business is always about the interaction between human beings and should serve people first, whether they are colleagues, suppliers or clients.

Our mission is building  strategic leadership capabilities working with and through managers to impact the entire organization and its ecosystem. This journey involves interactive training sessions that instill in talents the ability to forge and execute innovative strategies. As a result, they become effective leaders, influencing not only their immediate teams but also shaping the broader organizational culture and driving systemic change.

How Can We Help You?

We believe in the power of strategic mentoring & coaching; the word coaching has different meaning and we adapt our intervention depending on our clients’ need and personality. When we start working with a client the scope of work can always be reassessed to address what emerges and needs to be considered.


Commercial Leadership

Based on our professional and academic experience, we developed our methodology to help our clients identify new market opportunities and find the right strategy for local and international markets; through interactive workshops we help to optimize the steps of the sales process, and manage the relationship with customers in the B2B and B2C context.


Strategic Leadership

Developing the new generation of leaders who genuinely care about their people and become the engine of personal and professional development. Mentoring leaders and enabling them to support their team rather than doing the job in their place or simply pretending to see results without identifying the right KPIs that guide the correct execution.

Impact = Mindset × Capability to Intend × Capability to Lead™

Excellence is a journey; personal and professional.

Simply the outcome you envision for you and your people.


The journey starts from creating the vision of the desired outcome. Visualize it and trust yourself and others to be able to design the right plan and stay on track.


Strengthening and acquiring the skills to lead yourself and others through the journey to success; resolving conflicts, influencing, communicating efficiently, assessing with no judgement & innovating.


Improving the resilience and ability to operate at the peak of your potential. Reducing stress and fear and creating space for passion and creativity. Applying the latest learning in neuroscience and experiencing the change.

The Team

I am Davide Castorina and I hold a Master of Science in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan.

I gained a strong international business acumen working in Milan, London, and Paris. I covered for several years the role of International Marketing Director at Universal Pictures leading and coaching commercial teams worldwide.

Since then,  I supports a wide range of businesses from multinationals to start-ups as a consultant. I gained also strong expertise in recruiting, training and managing a pool of field coaches that help market-disrupting businesses whose mission is eradicating poverty in Africa, Latin America and Asia. I trained and coached hundreds of business leaders and sales professionals internationally, mentoring managers to sustain and develop their teams.

I’m an ICF certified coach and I speak at international conferences like the InFocus Forum at the United Nations in Geneve and I am adjunct professor at IESEG and ESSEC business school where I teach sales management and animates workshops for postgraduate students about consumer behaviour, CRM and loyalty.

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I am Dan Flint, a business coach, trainer, and consultant, dedicated to working with leaders in business to:

  • help their sales teams reach new heights,
  • help emergent leaders find their style and rhythm, and
  • help technical experts improve their social capabilities for more effective team membership, team leadership, and field sales roles.

Leveraging 25 years of experience with firms and, until recently, as a chaired professor at leading business research universities, I enjoy working with leaders eager to continually refine their capabilities and success mindset. My degrees include a BS in engineering from Annapolis, an MSA from CMU and a PhD in business from the U. of Tennessee.

I draw on powerful insights from psychology, social psychology, leadership, and many business disciplines to help guide clients through their most challenging sales, leadership and personal growth plans.

I am a Navy veteran, have two sons, one working for a defense contractor in D.C. and the other serving as an Air Force pilot, and a wonderful entrepreneur fiancee who runs a home healthcare firm. We live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I am Olivier Lalitte, an engineer from Arts et Métiers at ParisTech; I covered for more than 20 years management positions within international groups in the aeronautics and luxury sectors.

In an increasingly complex world, Istrongly believe that a benevolent and meaningful managerial posture is the key to powerful and inspiring leadership.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach, Managing Director at TKM Consulting. I’m also a certified MBTI® consultant and Talents® profiles.

I bring my honesty and humility  as coach and consultant to engage with leaders and their organizations. I support the development of individual and collective impact so that people express their potential and participate fully in the transformation of their company.

Olivier 3

I am Kemaïs Gomun and I love  entrepreneurship and economic development; I’m an expert in Strategy, Transformation and Competitiveness in Côte d’Ivoire. I hold an Executive MBA at Dauphine and Sorbonne University in Paris; I’m a consultant, coach and trainer in fields like organization, strategy and finance.

I capitalize on a wealth of experience with more than 150 organizations and SMEs . I enjoy solid references with prestigious Ivorian and International structures, including the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the UNDP, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the European Institute of Cooperation and Development, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry-CI, the FARE PME of APEXCI, the African Start Up Forum, KPMG and others. 

I am  also involved in education in West Africa, working with the Félix Houphouët Boigny University, the School of Commerce and Management of Abidjan, the CESAG of Dakar and the African Institute of Management of Dakar, the Institute Management French.

A Big Sister

Neebees Coaching Africa is an Afro-European consultancy based in Ivory Coast whose mission is to support the economic development on the entire African continent partnering with international organizations, development agencies, NGOs and donors. We act as their operative arm to diagnostic, design and execute entrepreneurial programs that allow the private sector to grow and build awareness in the local communities including unstable regions like Sahel. We work with socially-minded institutions and entrepreneurs caring about the environment and food safety to adopt the relevant business model, access the investments and build the leadership capabilities to lead a commercial organization. We know the key markets that are leading the change in Africa such as agriculture, renewable energies, WASH and FMCG. If you would like to speak to us, send us an email to

Our collaboration was born from a common intention between Davide Castorina, founder of Neebees, Régine Maurin and Olivier Lalitte, directors of TKM Consulting. Together we support managers and organizations in France and internationally to maximize the leadership impact from sales to operations. Inspired by an optimistic and benevolent vision of the world, we aspire to contribute to the companies’ transformation whose essence is the strength of the people who compose them.

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