Measuring an Individual's Personality and Preferred Behavior Patterns through the MRA Program


Assessments are useful tools for gauging sales and leadership capabilities based on personality characteristics, behavioral preferences and cognitive abilities helping organizations taking informed choices when managing and developing talents. 

Neebees partners up with Management Research Associates to get you a comprehsive tool to understand your potential new talents and your team.

MRA‘s unique and highly-praised Profiling System evaluates pertinent qualities and skills, reducing a significant portion of uncertainty in hiring and leadership choices.

There are no absolute “good” or “bad” profiles, but instead, MRA reports guide managers in

          hiring the best talents

          enhancing productivity

          fostering harmonious working relationships

MRA allows to identify the most suitable match between a trait and a job, understand how to better lead your team considering everybody’s unique style and personal traits.

Individual personalities vary in their risk-taking tendencies, ability to work in teams and desired level of independence; MRA helps to gain awareness on how people like to be lead to generate success.

By utilizing Group Analysis, MRA profiles can examine the profiles of a group of your highest-performing individuals and pinpoint any shared characteristics among them.

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